Protect Your Hair with Provillus 

Healthy hair reflects youth and confidence. Healthy hair is dependent on various factors. Ageing is definitely one of the causes for graying and also for hair loss. External factors like overexposure to ultraviolet radiations of the Sun, unhygienic circumstances and improper maintenance may also cause hair fall. Provillus can prevent hair loss due to factors like sun light and androgenetic alopecia.
There are hundreds of products that can prevent hair loss and badness but none of them guarantee positive results except Provillus. Hair loss, especially in youngsters will be psychologically devastating. Hair is one of major personality benchmark and for woman, beautiful hair is the most important part of their appearance. If there is hair loss or if there is history of baldness in your family, you should take preventive measures and use the product that guarantees it. Many products may prevent hair fall and may even make it grow abundantly but will have serious side effects. The product named above is a natural product made from herbal elements and all the ingredients are approved by FDA. One of the specialties of the product is that there are different combinations for men and women. Due to the variations in hormones in males and females, they require separate formula. This is highly effective in cases like androgenetic alopecia patterns of hair loss, a condition caused by increase in levels of androgen in the body.

Provillus Review

There are various reasons for hair loss. It is common in most people, especially men who are above 20 years old. Ageing is not the singular cause and there are many other factors that are involved. Youngsters should take immediate action to prevent further hair fall. Hormonal imbalance due to ageing is one of the main reasons for hair fall and menopause problems like hormonal contraception, intake of medicines for chronic diseases and cancer treatment are all possible reasons for hair fall. Hair follicles and the scalp may get affected due to the continuous use of shampoo or hair conditioners. Use of hair dye, driers also may cause hair fall. Provillus reviews show that it can be effective in cases of hair fall due to hormonal imbalance, chemical reasons like shampoo and conditioner and also for inherited reasons.
One of the major causes for hair fall in men is dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When testosterone, the male hormone, combines enzyme 5-alpha reductase produces DHT. It will attach itself to receptors in follicles of male hair and this makes follicles to shrink and it produces thinner and thinner hair and ultimately it stops production. Provillus for men can effectively prevent this phenomenon by making the follicles stronger and DHT resistant. When fat and cholesterol in the scalp increases, there will be increase in the amount of enzyme 5 alpha reductase that will ultimately turn into DHT. You should keep your scalp free from cholesterol and fat and that will help you to maintain a healthy growth of hair.

Provillus For Women

Androgenetic alopecia is one of the main reasons for baldness both in men and women. The disease is still a mystery and studies are still underway to find the reason for its occurrence. We have only a partial understanding of this condition and the reason attributed until recent times was the abundance of male hormone testosterone, a trace of which may also be present in women. If testosterone is the reason then DHT should be the cause. The hormonal conversion process of testosterone into DHT is possible both in men and women and it will cause baldness in both. Now, the scientists say that one of the reasons for androgenetic alopecia may be the circulating testosterone and if it circulates in women, though in low quantity may cause alopecia in them. Provillus for women will be very effective in arresting such hair fall and will revitalize hair growth.
There cannot be a provillus scam because its main ingredients are Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Horsetail Silica, Para-amino benzoic acid and Biotin. Vitamin B6 plays an important role in hair growth and it is also essential for keeping good health.  Our immunity system and nervous system requires Vitamin B6.  For body metabolism Vitamin B6 is very important as more than 100 enzymes require it for burning accumulated fats and proteins.  Magnesium in association with Calcium promotes healthy hair growth.  Horsetail Silica has been in use since the time of Greeks and Roman as a stimulant for hair growth.  Biotin, popularly known as Vitamin B, supports healthy growth of hair, skin and nail.  Para-amino benzoic acid protects the hair from ultra-violet radiations of the sun and it protects the hair pigment from graying and prevents hair loss. All these ingredients are taken from herbal source and that nullifies any fear about the provillus side effects.

Does provillus work?

Under usual conditions, there will be a growth of about one inch in a month and it will grow more in summer than in winter. A hair follicle has 3 phases in its life cycle. The first stage is termed as anagen or growth stage, the second one is the catagen or transition change and the final one is the telogen or shedding stage. There will be increase and decrease in the hair growth due to congenital reasons or also because of the lifestyle of an individual. On an average, there will be a fall of 100 hairs and an equal number will be produced. If there is wide difference, then we consider it as hair fall. Some of the reasons for rapid hair fall are stress, physical and psychological, ageing, smoking, overuse of alcohol, menopause problems in woman and also polycystic ovaries.  Buy Provillus and it can take care of many of the external problems mentioned.
Healthy hair growth is a symbol of confidence and youngsters will remain young only as long as they have a healthy hair. It is symbol of youth and confidence. You can protect your hair by proper maintenance. Your hair will be called healthy only if it is dense with fine texture, good appearance with right pigmentation. The health of the scalp also plays an important role in the healthy growth of air. The health of the scalp is dependent on the type of shampoo and conditioner used, regular combing of hair, frequency of hair drying, etc. A careful watch on all this can go a long way in protecting your hair. All the other problems can effectively be cured by using Provillus continuously. Buy it only from the genuine sellers and do not get cheated. Click on the link provided for getting it and you will be amazed with heavy discounts offered by this site.